When I first began my journey as a transplant mom a few years ago, I wanted so much more information on the condition of my baby boy.  Although my transplant team was amazing, no one person could ever give all the information that could be helpful at any given moment.  Especially since their priority is saving my son’s life.

I thought maybe the questions I had at the time and the research I was doing could very well help someone else in this position.  And in fact every transplant mom I spoke with gave me invaluable bits of information that made life so much easier.  Like how do you keep track of all those medications?  What questions do you even ask the doctors and nurses in the evaluations period?
In return for the amazing gift of life that my son has received, I am sharing the information I am researching.  We hope to inspire, educate and raise awareness for the transplantation community.


My goal is to connect you to unbiased, objective information that respects the amazing organizations, medical personnel and other staff already in the news and connect you with other transplant families that will help you in your journey.


I am offering just a small amount of information that I have amassed in my journey as a transplant mom.  There are more amazing stories coming in every day.  And suggestions are very welcome.  Please email me at transplantmom2009@gmail.com and give me your stories and submissions of information that could be helpful.  We love suggestions!

Inspiration + Education : . . . . for parents of children who are going through transplant