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Key step made in child organ transplants in Japan

Transplant News for June 17th from 04:20:

  • Key step made in child organ transplants- Toyama University Hospital, where a boy under 6 years old was confirmed brain-dead, in Toyama on ThursdayTwo years after the revised Organ Transplant Law went into effect, organ donation from brain-dead children has taken a major but cautious step forward.The nation’s first organ transplants from a brain-dead donor under the age of 6 were conducted Friday after a boy was confirmed brain-dead at Toyama University Hospital.

    The revised law enabled transplants from brain-dead donors under 15 years old.

New Transplant Procedure Known As Laparoscopic Surgery Helps Farmingdale Dad Adam Bruzzese Save Son’s Life

Transplant News for June 16th from 22:44:

  • New Transplant Procedure Known As Laparoscopic Surgery Helps Farmingdale Dad Adam Bruzzese Save Son’s Life « CBS New York– One dad is celebrating the gift of his son this Father’s Day.Adam Bruzzese recently underwent transplant surgery to donate part of his liver to his son, Charlie, CBS 2′s Dick Brennan reported Friday.

    When it became clear that Charlie, who was born with liver disease, would need a transplant, Bruzzese tested himself to see if he would be a compatible match.

    When tests indicated that he was a perfect candidate, Bruzzese volunteered to be his son’s donor.

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Transplant News for June 14th

These are my links for June 14th:

  • Lab-Grown Vein Transplanted in 10-Year-Old Girl – ABC News– Scientists in Sweden are reporting a medical first: a vein grown in a lab for a 10-year-old girl using her body’s own cells.Doctors are hailing the step as a milestone in tissue engineering, a field in which doctors grow windpipes, bladders, lungs and other organs to replace faulty ones while avoiding the dangerous, lifelong complications of organ transplants.While a handful of doctors around the world have had success growing blood vessels and other organs and transplanting them into patients, doctors said this is the first time a vein has been lab-grown and successfully transplanted using cells and parts taken entirely from the human body.

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  • Student Recovering From Kidney Transplant Graduates– Salma Alhinn had a kidney failure when she was a freshman at Mount Carmel High School. She was one of about 25 patients on the waiting list. It usually takes about a year to be called, but because of Alhinn’s rare blood type, her wait dragged on for four years.Days before her graduation on Thursday, her number was up and she had a transplant at Rady Children’s Hospital.Read more… (

The Waiting List

Love, love, love this idea.  A group of amazing people has put together a website called “The Waiting List”.  In the about section they describe themselves as:

“By sharing the stories of the people whose lives have been impacted by organ donation, our goal is to inspire the 65% of Americans not registered as organ donors to make the commitment for this final act of kindness.”

They inspire in the form of a written and video blog.  This blog gives a very unique window into the lives of many different would be transplant recipients.

Even through it is a mix of adult and pediatric recipients.  This website is a must see.

Warm Welcomes For Heart Transplant Recipient

Transplant News for June 11th from 06:36:

  • Warm Welcomes For Heart Transplant Recipient– Salerno was diagnosed at age 12 with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and has spent the past six months at Hartford Hospital waiting for a heart transplant, which he received May 30. Salerno has shared his experience in the hospital with others through his blog, “Tales from the 10 th Floor.”Although he is now home, a lengthy recovery is expected. It will include frequent medical testing and lots of medication.

Transplant News for June 9th

Transplant News for June 9th from 16:34:

  • Lab-made organ raises hope for liver transplant – The Times of India – Japanese researchers have created a functioning human liver from stemcells, a report said on Friday, raising hopes for the manufacture of artificial organs for those in need of transplants.

    A team of scientists transplanted induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells into the body of a mouse, where it grew into a small, but working, human liver, the Yomiuri Shimbun said.

    Stemcells are frequently harvested from embryos, which are then discarded, a practice some people find morally objectionable. But iPS cells – which have the potential to develop into any body tissue – can be taken from adults.

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  • Transplant breakthrough leading to cures – News, Weather & Sports – LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Research from the University of Louisville is getting top honors this week at the American Transplant Conference in Boston. Using a transplant protocol pioneered by Dr. Suzanne Ildstad, kidney transplant patients are living life without harmful anti-rejection medications.

    "It's wonderful, I feel better than I've felt for years. I really feel like I've gotten some kind of fountain of youth" said Rob Waddell.

    He's among the first in the country to receive an unmatched kidney using the breakthrough protocol.

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Heart transplant girl, 1, returns home after four months being kept alive on mechanical hearts | Mail Online

Transplant News from June 8th from 04:43:

  • Heart transplant girl, 1, returns home after four months being kept alive on mechanical hearts | Mail Online – A baby girl who waited months for a heart transplant has finally been allowed to return home.

    Twelve-month-old Llana Qazi was diagnosed last October and then kept alive by five different mechanical hearts because doctors in Tyneside could not keep her stable.

    Her family faced an agonised four-month wait until Llana was operated on at the end of February.

    Her family are now planning family trips and a party to celebrate.

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Welcome to Transplant Families!  Who are we.  We are families just like you.  Families of pediatric transplant.  Families that support the most amazing kids ever.  We are here to offer hope.  Hope told through the stories of others who have been there before you.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  But we are hoping that in our stories, you will find strength, courage and resolve.

In addition to links to amazing stories of other transplant families.  We are offering resource links to families dealing with the transplant journey.  Hopefully you will find these helpful in your own journey.

Your first source of information should ALWAYS be your transplant team and mainly your transplant coordinator.  They have a vast  knowledge of all things related to transplant.  They are your child’s first advocate outside of yourself.