50th anniversary of first human heart transplant – Daily Herald

SALT LAKE CITY — Heart transplants have become so successful, that it is easy to forget how remarkable it is to be able to save a life through transplant. This year marks the 50th year since the first transplant on Dec. 3, 1967. At that time Dr. Christiaan Barnard transplanted the heart of a 25 year old woman who was fatally injured in an automobile accident into the chest of a 53 year old man who was suffering from heart failure. Although the recipient died of pneumonia 18 days later, the transplant was considered a success as the heart was functioning normally in its new home. The next big hurdle would be to develop more effective anti-rejection medication. At the time this transplant was performed, it was considered experimental and the world was watching. Since it was successful, other heart transplants followed. Thanks to that first transplant, thousands have benefitted from the gift of a new heart. Utah transplanted their 1,000th heart in 2008. The recipient was a man who expressed gratitude that he was able to hold his first grandchild. The Utah Cardiac Program celebrated their 30 year anniversary in 2015. More information about organ, eye and tissue donation

Teen to get bone marrow transplant after seven year wait – WRTV Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS — After seven years of waiting, a Lawrence teen is preparing to receive a life-saving bone marrow transplant. Darrell Collins has severe aplastic anemia. The rare disease affects his bone marrow and immune system. “Some days I have a hard time getting out of bed. I would feel weak. A lof of things normal kids do, I don’t feel up to,” said Collins. Two years ago, his mother made a plea for members of the community to become bone marrow donors. People stepped up to organize their own marrow drives and fundraisers. Then, Collins got the call. “I’m excited, I mean I’m overjoyed, I mean I can’t really express it. This person is essentially saving my life,” said Collins. Now that there’s a bone marrow donor,  Chaklan Lacy says she’s cautiously optimistic. There’s a chance her son’s body will reject the transplant and he could spend up to a year in the hospital. He’ll travel to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on Sunday to receive the transplant. And his mother has a message for the donor, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. And thank you again. For saving my son’s life,” said Lacy.

Irish teen who received heart transplant could end up saving another child’s life – Irish Mirror

A teenage boy who received a heart transplant could end up saving another child as a valve from his own heart could be used as tissue to help a young baby. Teenager Sahin Yasar tells how he will be forever thankful to the heart donor who gave him a second chance at life on the moving RTE series Ministry of Hope. The observational series, which follows three Irish chaplains for a year, captures the emotional journey of Dublin lad Sahin as he is kept alive by a machine in hospital while waiting for the life-saving transplant. His mother Tina told how she wept tears of joys when he went into surgery after he was finally matched with a suitable organ. Previously, suitable hearts were available on seven occasions, but would not be a medical fit following tests. At one stage, the exhausted 16-year-old was prepped and ready for theatre when his parents had to wake him to tell him there was yet another setback. Sahin, who was born with cardiomyopathy, a cardiac condition which rapidly deteriorated at the end of last year, spent nearly eight months in hospital before this summer’s life-saving operation in the Mater Hospital. He said on

New law ensures disabled are eligible for organ transplants – Washington Post

By Associated Press, WILMINGTON, Del. — Gov. John Carney is signing legislation aimed at ensuring that individuals with mental and physical disabilities are not denied access to organ transplant procedures based solely on their disability. The bill being signed Wednesday prohibits health care providers from deeming a person ineligible to receive an anatomical gift or organ transplant, related medical services, or referrals based solely on a physical or mental disability. The new law will allow a health care provider to take an individual’s disability into account when making treatment or coverage recommendations or decisions, but only to the extent that the physical or mental disability has been found to be medically significant for an organ transplant. Copyright 2017 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Here’s What Every Organ in the Body Would Cost to Transplant – Fortune


Here’s What Every Organ in the Body Would Cost to Transplant
Consulting firm Milliman tallies the average costs of different organ transplants in the U.S. And while most are expensive—some are very expensive. A kidney transplant runs just over $400,000. The cost for the average heart transplant, on the other …

Local boy getting heart transplant he’s needed for years – WQAD.com


Local boy getting heart transplant he’s needed for years
A child who was born with a rare heart defect is finally getting the heart he always needed. Back in 2014 News 8’s Jenna Morton introduced us to Will Kohn, a kid who had multiple open heart surgeries starting when he was just six days old. At this …