Calgary girl given life saving transplant at Cincinnati Children’s hospital – CTV News

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A three-year-old Calgary girl with a rare form of liver cancer is recovering in a Cincinnati hospital after undergoing a liver transplant on the weekend.

Greta Marofke was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma just before her second birthday and had 70 percent of her liver taken out and several months of chemotherapy treatments.

It appeared that the little girl had beaten the disease but a routine follow up showed the cancer had returned and the family learned she would need a liver transplant.

The Marofke’s worked with physicians in Canada and the States and found a doctor at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital who had extensive experience with treating hepatoblastoma in children.

Greta was placed on a waiting list at the facility for a liver transplant and the family was contacted early Sunday and told the operation could happen as soon as they arrived.

The family posted an update on Greta’s Guardians Facebook page saying that they are sad for the family who lost their baby but are thankful for giving Greta a shot at the life she deserves.

On Monday, Greta’s mother, Lindsey, said her daughter was feeling a bit rough but that her pain in now under control and she is sleeping.

Doctor’s at the Cincinnati hospital say they are happy with her progress so far.

The procedure has put a strain on the family’s finances and a GoFundMe page has been set up to help them out. Click HERE for more information.

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