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Kristi’s Kids has some promising news about a Tucson girl, with serious medical issues. She’s not letting anything get her down, or hold her back.

Stephanie Roat,13, has been through a lot in her young life, and she’s preparing for, perhaps, her biggest challenge yet. All the while, she’s hoping to inspire others to have strength too.

Stephanie is no stranger to surgery. In fact, she’s had five. That’s more than most people have in a lifetime.

“She was born at 28-weeks, and she was only one-pound, 12-ounces when she was born,” Stephanie’s dad, James Roat, told Kristi’s Kids.

Stephanie spent the first three months of her life at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She was born with one kidney, and a bladder that didn’t develop properly. Doctors say she needs a kidney transplant.

“Things come up, and you kind of have to adjust, and roll with it and then there’s just, we like to say ok it’s the new normal,” Stephanie’s mom, Karen Roat, told Kristi’s Kids.

Stephanie just learned her cousin is a donor match. The family’s bond has never been stronger; neither has their faith.

“We definitely believe that’s what saved her, and brought her through, and helped her get through all this,” James told Kristi’s Kids.

Stephanie is like most 13-year-olds. She enjoys spending time with her big sister, and living life to the fullest.

“I like to play video games a lot. It helps me to de-stress with everything going on. I like to do theater, to sing and dance and act,” Stephanie told Kristi’s Kids.

The road ahead is long and bumpy, but Stephanie stays strong, and wants other kids to do the same.

“Don’t even think of it as it defines you. It doesn’t define you. It just a part of your life, and it isn’t you,” Stephanie said.

For now, Stephanie is focused on the immediate future. Her mom is a teacher, and dad is a Pima County Sheriff’s sergeant, but Stephanie isn’t sure what she wants to be yet.

I’m young, so I have a lot of life ahead of me to figure it out,” Stephanie told Kristi’s Kids.

As you might expect, the Roat’s expenses are piling-up. You can help by checking out Stephanie’s GoFundMe page by clicking here.


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