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Transplant Families

Who are we. We are a group of transplant families just like you. Our kids have seen more in childhood than most of us will in a lifetime. They are gifted life through our real life super heroes, their donors. And us as families (dads, moms, sisters, brothers and so many more) get to be with our transplant kids in this crazy new journey in life. We are here to offer hope. Hope told through the stories of fellow families who have been there before us. We are hoping that in these stories, we can find strength, courage and resolve. In addition to links to amazing stories of other transplant families, we are offering resource links to many different community resources all here to help us. It really does take a village. And between our family, extended family we call our transplant team and so many others out there willing to help, there is so much knowledge and so many great experiences to be had. Hopefully you will find these helpful in your own journey. Your first source of information should ALWAYS be your transplant team and mainly your transplant coordinator. They have a vast knowledge of all things related to transplant. They are your child’s first advocate outside of yourself.

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