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As more people hear about Sarah Murnaghan’s fight to live, other children with similar debilitating diseases are gaining attention… like  a little boy in Lancaster.

Tony Forte and his family are getting hope for a transplant from Sarah’s story. The Forte’s knew something was wrong with Tony just 6 days after he was born.

But he doesn’t need just one organ, he needs three. A stomach, liver, and intestines. He’s been on a transplant list for three years with hopes his condition doesn’t worsen before he gets a donor.

He’s your typical 7 year old boy, wild and rambunctious, with a mind of his own. Oh and his favorite thing to do?

I asked him if he likes to climb trees.

“Yep,” answered Tony (sarcastically).

Like is an understatement, you can’t keep his feet on the ground. Even when he’s up high in the sky, Tony wears a backpack filled with the necessities. Tubes and nutrients keep him fueled 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. He hopes that soon, he won’t need this backpack anymore.

“He always says to me, Mommy when’s my transplant coming? I want this transplant now,” says Tony’s mother, Monica Forte.

His courage comes from a movie he watched awhile back in the hospital, Pinocchio.

“Tony connected with him, and said Mommy I want to be like him, I want to be free from my strings,” says Monica Forte.

“I said, I want to be a real boy like Pinocchio, and she just bawled,” says Tony.

Tony has one string, his lifeline.

“It`s just the variables of just the child and a family trying to maintain daily life, while living with a comprising diagnosis like this, it`s tough,” says Monica.

His older brother, who’s started a bread business to raise money for Tony says a transplant would give his family a new life.

“It would just be a sense of normalcy,” says Vinny Forte.

A new life… with no strings attached. The Forte’s are asking all families with children to sign up to be an organ donor. You can visit Tony’s website: for more information on how you can help.

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