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3 days ago 
by Tia Ewing 



John Tamez’ daughter needs a heart transplant.

“It hits home, it’s something you don’t expect,” John says.

He cries, because most dad’s look forward to seeing their daughter’s grow up, graduate from high school and eventually go to college. But for Tamez, he’s worried about his 8-year-old daughter Judith.

She was born with Hypolastic Left Heart Syndrome. The clock is ticking; she needs a heart transplant right away. The 8-year-old is at UCLA with her mother, waiting on the donor list.

“We weren’t expecting this. We found out she wasn’t doing too well,” John says.

But that surgery comes with a cost. It’s estimated that, in order for basic care after the surgery, the family needs to raise $100,000 – money they don’t have.

“Medication … It’s a lifelong illness that will be with her for the rest of her life,” John says.

Her older brother Johnny says Judith’s illness has been hard on the entire family. He hasn’t seen her in a month.

“I love her a lot, and we have fun together a lot,” Johnny says.

And that’s what the family wants, to be together in their Modesto home.

If you’re interested in helping out Judith, you can head over to All the money raised will go to the patient’s transplant-related expenses, Children’s Organ Transplant Association notes.

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